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My 60 Day Juice Fast… DAY 3 – “Homemade Juicing or Store bought?”

September 7, 2012

Day 3… DONE!    This juicing fast is easier than I thought it would be.  I’ve heard horror stories about the possible “Hell Days” of day 2-3, but so far I’m good.  They said, as the toxin leave your body, many people experience severe headaches and even fevers.  In the movie, the guy crawled back into bed for the day and said he hated it.  I guess that doesn’t happen to everyone.  Although I do find myself thinking about food more than ever.  I gave all my leftovers to my boy Cap.  Thanks Cap.  He gladly ate a plate full of my Pops homemade Austrian Goulash with Egg Noodles and he took care of my mom’s Homemade Cheesecake that was chilling in my fridge along with a large bottle of cream soda (which i loved deeply).  I tried to pawn off a half gallon of strawberry ice cream but he was full and couldn’t take anymore.  So now, we’ve cleared out our fridge to make room for juice bottles and fresh fruits and veggies.   My beautiful wife, Jess, is taking this trip with me and she’s doing great as well.  Her support really makes a difference and it gives me someone to go shopping with.  Even though we needed separate carts for all the fruits and veggies.
Yesterday we went to Stop-N-Shop and i swear the prices at that place will make you Stop-Shopping.  I spent waaaaay too much money of veggies and fruit.  I didn’t even visit the other aisles.   So sad.  The cereal aisle was whispering sweet nothings in my ear as i walk past her.  I almost shed a tear.  I did, however, visit the Tupperware aisle where i bought a few new containers and two new aluminum canisters to carry my new found obsession in.   One thing i did buy were a few bottles of natural juice made by “Naked” and “Bolthouse Farms”.  These seem to be a good backup to keep in the fridge in case I run out of my homemade juices.  Both of these brands were on sale this week at under $4.00 per 32oz bottle and 15oz bottles were $1.99.  At those prices, its cheaper to buy the prepackaged 100% natural juices than it is to make it fresh with all the ingredients I bought.  So that begs the questions….

Is it ok to drink the prepackaged 100% Natural Juices (ie. Naked, Bolthouse Farms, etc.) or am I better off paying more money and time to make my own juices?

From what I gather, through researching on the internet, is this…  Prepackaged brands that are sold in the store are, by law, pasteurized, be it gently pasturized, micro-pasturized, whatever… They’re pasteurized.  That means they’re heated up to a certain temperature and then cooled back down quickly to slow spoilage on the grocers shelves.  But I’ve also learned that while this destroys all the bad microbes in the juice, it also kills all the good nutrients as well.   That’s why they say “Vitamin C added, Vitamin B added, etc.”, because after pasteurizing, they need to put all those vitamins and nutrients back into the juice.   So, I’m guessing the professional answer I’ll get is that there is no easy way out.  If I want to get the best vitamin and nutrient-packed juices into my body, It’s gonna cost me about twice the amount of money and easily twice the amount of time as buying prepackaged juices.

The store bought is cheaper and quicker but still… is it substantially less healthy for me than fresh homemade juices?

I’ll tell you this much… Even though they have 42 different flavors to choose from, my homemade juices definitely taste much better.  and that’s a FACT!

So… In the end… Day 3 was great and Day 4 is feeling even better.  I’m working on juice number three already.  I’m gonna drink this 60 days up like its nothing.

But for now… I gotta go clean up the kitchen before my wife gets home.  The sink is a mess and so is the counter.


The Tazmanian Juicer, Esq.

ps… Can you juice a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup?


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